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 College Scholarship and Financial Aid "Secrets" Workshop

45 parents at the last workshop went home with valuable eye-opening facts!

Andrew Lockwood, J.D.,  host of "The College Success for Less Show" and author of the best-selling books, "How to Pay 'Wholesale' for College" and "The Incomparable Applicant" will speak covering topics including:

-Which types of savings accounts "penalize" you in the financial aid formulas and which do not count against you

-What to do at the 11th hour if you've saved in the wrong places

-How millionaires can get 46.3% off the cost of college, even if their kid didn't cure a deadly disease last summer or build a village in a third-world country over winter break

-The new changes to the FAFSA financial aid form and what they mean for your family

-The surprising truth about what admissions officers are REALLY looking for

-Little-known financial aid "loopholes" for business owners

-Negotiation secrets: How a mild-mannered college planner received an extra $30,000 per year from a top West Coast college AFTER its "final" offer

-WARNING: the advice from your guidance counselor, accountant or "financial guy" may have SABOTAGED your chances of aid

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